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April 28, 2013


Synthetic Vs. Food-based Vitamins

by Wendy Myers

There is a big debate out there whether you should be taking natural or synthetic vitamins. Previously, I had written a blog post trying to convince people to avoid synthetic vitamins, but I’ve changed my position on this issue. While food-based vitamins sound like a really good idea, many people have problems with food-based vitamins. There can be ingredients in them that cause some people problems. I personally am taking synthetic vitamins at this time and don’t see a good enough reason to spend the extra money for food-based supplements.



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  1. Tess Balingit
    Apr 28 2013

    Thank you for sending me this! Love Chicken

  2. Apr 28 2013

    Unfortunately all absorbic acid (vitamin c) in the USA is created using gmo sources. This makes me sad. However I do take a multivitamin supplement and it has absorbic acid in it. Not much I can do about that at this time.

    • Apr 28 2013

      About 90% of the ascorbic acid is made in china. Four pharmaceutical companies there are trying to monopolize the market. Not a much better option!

      • Apr 28 2013

        I’m not very trusting of anything coming out of china lol. Well I trust the people just not the products haha. I like my vitamins comings from my food and only eat local organic produce (as much as possible) but since I’m vegan I need to get b12 just for safety and for the reasons you stated about the soil quality and all that. I wish I didn’t have to

        • Apr 28 2013

          Exactly! I won’t touch any food or product from china. Too many instances of heavy metal or other toxin contamination. It’s hard to tell where your supplements are coming from. All the Kirkland brands are made in china but repackaged to look like they’re made in the US. Scary!


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