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Increase Energy, Detox and Reduce Pain with a Magnetico Sleep Pad!


Are you interested in preventing diseases and alleviating arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart problems, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, autism, migraines, chronic fatigue, obesity, circulatory problems, sleep disorders and advancing your general health, fitness and recovery? 

Magentico pads are a revolutionary technology that mimic the magentic field of the earth. I think they are a fantastic way to approach natural healing of countless health issues and diseases and achieve optimum health.

Dr. Dean Bonlie is the inventor of the patented Magnetico Sleeping Pad. The basis of Dr. Bonlie’s theory is that our only source of magnetism is from the Earth, but now that this source is so drastically depleted, it appears to have a distinct impact on health.  Magnetic supplementation is the only way to correctly restore the Earth-type magnetic fields by which our bodies have evolved to function properly and enjoy optimum health.

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Strontium Toxicity


Strontium is found as a non-radioactive element; but in addition to its stable, natural forms, there are also radioactive ones. Toxicity of this metal is incredibly dangerous, as it displaces calcium and primarily targets bone health.

Plus, in the case of radioactive strontium, it acts as a human carcinogen! While most of the strontium to which we are exposed on a daily basis is not radioactive or permanently damaging, it’s still poses a great threat to our health.

Identify the presence of this toxic mineral and, with Mineral Power, you can detox your body from this dangerous element! Read More…


Differences Between Photobiomodulation and Sauna Therapy


Since the mechanism of action of saunas is to induce thermal stress on the body, you may be wondering, what exactly does this accomplish? There are several biological responses, which include increased heart rate and perspiration.

Additionally, when the body is subject to heat in sufficient amounts, it causes an imbalance in protein metabolism. This is an ongoing process called protein folding, whereby random protein coils transform into their normal 3-dimensional structures. This is an incredibly important process, and if dysfunctional, can lead to serious health conditions.

In fact, we have an entire class of molecular chaperones that monitor our cells for any type of stress that disrupts this process. Specifically, a class of these chaperones, called heat shock proteins, respond to heat-induced cellular stress. By inducing heat stress on the body, the resulting activation of these heat shock proteins leads to some interesting health benefits, which are very similar to physical exercise. Read More…


Toxic Metals That Cause Fatigue


Fatigue is the first sign something’s not working properly in your body. And people will turn to coffee. They’ll turn to stimulants. I totally get it. I’ve been there myself. 

But if you are suffering from chronic fatigue, toxic metals may be to blame!

Are you constantly tired, even though you are eating right, doing regular workouts, and getting ample sleep? Well, it might not be not your fault. Metals like arsenic, aluminum, and thallium may be killing your body’s ability to produce energy! Think of them as energy vampires.

Metal toxicity is an ever-growing threat in modern industrialized society.  This toxicity doesn’t just sap your energy; it doesn’t even let you produce energy. That’s right: metals can block energy production in cells. Read More…


25 Tips For Big Weight Loss Results


There are a lot of tricks to weight loss. Eating a healthy diet is merely one aspect of weight loss. Many eat healthy and fail to lose weight because they are missing a few key factors that could be sabotaging their weight loss efforts. Try these 25 weight loss tips and I bet you’ll shed those pounds!

A few factors include optimizing your adrenal and thyroid function, hormonal imbalances, chemical toxicity, malnutrition, food allergies, stress, and intestinal infections. The only way you can find the best way to lose weight for you personally is through trial and error, with a few basic healthy guidelines. Read More…




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10 Signs You Need A Detox


“Detox” may have become a trendy buzzword, but it’s an absolutely necessary aspect you must add to your health regimen. If you ignore detox, you’re missing the boat and your health will suffer. Learn the signs you need a detox.With excessive toxin exposure and stress, our natural detox pathways can become compromised. In this article, I tell you how to clean up your liver and your body.

If you have a lack of energy, brain fog or are suffering from a chronic disease or condition, I guarantee you that toxin accumulation is contributing to the problem.

I learned about detox when I was planning my pregnancy many years ago.  Reading the baby books, I was shocked by all the chemicals you had to remove from the baby’s environment and realized I was completely surrounded by chemicals in the air, food and water. This education as a scary wake up call and I realized the dire importance of removing toxins from your environment and from your body.

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Five Critical Mistakes Robbing You Of Amazing Sleep


Everyone says sleep is “important,” but they fail to qualify that. We know it’s important, but how important? “Why should I care?” is what you’re often left asking.

If you get less than 6 hours of quality sleep you are – metabolically – a type II diabetic the following day because of poor sleep’s affect on blood sugar regulation. If you’re not sure what that means, let me tell you: when you have the glucose control of a diabetic that spells insipid weight gain and preventable disease. Interested now?

And notice I said “quality” sleep. If you’re hitting the sheets for 7 hours, there’s a good chance you’re dipping well under the six hour mark on the quality scale.

I could go on about the negative effects to mental performance, physical performance, recovery, mental health, and testosterone levels — the list is days long. But, this isn’t an article about the importance of sleep, it’s a guide to fixing sleep mistakes.

Here’s the top five critical mistakes robbing you of amazing sleep…

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10 Signs You Need A Detox



#105 How To Get Rid Of Parasites With Dr. Ed Group


Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center joins me on the podcast this week. He spoke to me about parasites and how we can get rid of them. So many people are infected with parasites and don’t realize it!

So many of my clients have unexplained GI issues, so I know how important to address this potential problem. Parasites can really drain your adrenals, cause night waking, and lead to a whole slew of health conditions.

Parasites are rarely very often overlooked at your physician’s office. But they must be addressed and cleansed on a regular basis. Dr. Group teaches us how to get rid of parasites and prevent them!

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