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April 21, 2013


Sugar 101

by Wendy Myers

Today I started a 3 week sugar detox. I am white knuckling it! I’ll admit, it’s hell. But it serves to eliminate a food that is killing myself and our country. Let’s explore the basic facts about sugar. This is the first part in a series about this killer ingredient and how to do a sugar detox.



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  1. Keita
    Apr 21 2013

    I eat wayyyyy to much sugar and i know it. I’m actually trying to cut my sugar intake by half. I love birthday cake though. My Grandmother had diabetes so i’m careful. I’ll try the sugar detox and see how i feel. I love all your posts! They teach me so much about how to keep my body healthy. Thank you.

    • Apr 22 2013

      You’re welcome! I’m happy the blog helps you get healthy!! If diabetes runs in your family, you definitely want to cut back on that birthday cake! Even if it runs in your family genetically, you can overcome it. Those genes are only expressed through bad diet and lifestyle. Genes get turned on and off depending upon a healthy or bad diet or unhealthy lifestyle habits like not exercising, smoking, sress, etc. What many think is an inheritance of genes is really an inheritance of unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits taught to them and passed down through the generations.


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