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Vanessa“I would recommend Wendy Myers over and over again for ALL HEALTH ISSUES + SOLUTIONS!!!! After experiencing months of fatigue and not sleeping properly, I contacted Wendy on the advice of a friend. She immediately informed me that my lifestyle was causing adrenal fatigue and contributing to my sleep problems and fatigue – something my doctor only prescribed sleeping pills for. No thanks! He didn’t even bother to figure out what the problem was. She suggested a few lifestyle and diet changes that were easy enough to do. She also had me do a hair mineral analysis do check my mineral and toxic metals levels. Thank god I did this! I found out that most of my minerals were extremely low and I had mercury toxicity. This was also contributing to my problems. Now I am on a custom mineral supplementation program based on my hair test. I am feeling better and better every day. I’m sleeping through the night. I am forever grateful. I used to just starve myself, being a former model. Now I know the foods to eat to nourish my body while losing weight. I never knew you could eat plenty of food and stay slim. It’s really not that hard, but Wendy helped me wade through all the information that’s out there about diet and nutrition. I HIGHLY recommend her!!!”   Vanessa  Flintridge, Ca

Annie“Wendy is a godsend. I don’t have enough words to describe how grateful I am to have her as my nutritionist. I am now more educated and informed about health and diet, it has truly enhanced my life. I have been experiencing fatigue, depression and anxiety so much so that it has affected my marriage and job performance. After consulting with Wendy, we found my lifestyle was causing most of my symptoms. My doctor put me on two antidepressants, which I have now been able to get off of with Wendy’s help. The meds helped but Wendy informed me of their potentially dangerous side effects. Since Wendy put me on her diet plan and supplements, I am feeling more energy and less fatigued and depressed. Her plan is working and I have never felt better in my life. Wendy is a professional expert who devotes her time to your health and needs. Her nutritional knowledge is impressive and the way she communicates and executes her plans are flawless. Anyone would be so lucky to have her!”    Annie    Los Angeles, Ca

Karrie Wimberly“Battling serious autoimmune disorders is a burden that I have had to deal with for most of my life. I had been feeling unhealthy and ill for many years, until now, under Wendy Myers’s care, I finally know what it’s like to be healthy, full of life and finally well. Wendy has helped me discover the underlying causes of my poor health, which are all interconnected, and has put me on a custom, easy to do program that has since changed my life, dramatically. Through a hair mineral analysis we found that my adrenal glands were burnt out, my body was in an exhaustion stage, and my thyroid was barely working. I was basically a walking time bomb for another major autoimmune attack!! With Wendy’s profound knowledge I found out how and why I am sick all of the time. She has taught me how to harmonize my mind and body so I can prevent future disease and illness. In just a few months, on her easy to follow diet and vitamin program, I am blooming with energy and life again. My insomnia, depression and anxiety have been lifted, my vitality restored, and my overall wellness rejuvenated. The best part is that all of this work will add years to my life! Wendy is so easy to talk to. She is compassionate, understanding and works with you on such a personal and supportive level. She is also well read on the latest nutrition and is there for you 100% through the whole process. Wendy has truly saved my life. I HIGHLY recommend her for all of your nutritional needs!”   Karrie   Echo Park, Ca

Wendy Caron“I have been dealing with IBS my entire life. I have been to doctor after doctor, who just told me to take Imodium for the diarrhea and that there was nothing more that could be done except for stopping dairy. I knew there had to be more that could be done for my condition. Wendy gave me a complete plan with so many things that I could try to pinpoint the cause of my IBS. After a bit of trial and error, I finally pinpointed the cause. I needed probiotics and have a sensitivity to dairy. I also needed to do a few other things like avoid certain foods until my digestion improved and quit a few lifestyle issues like smoking. She motivated me to commit to a long term plan to resolve my IBS, as she assured me it would not clear up over night. Today, I only have issues occasionally, but am not tortured like I was my whole life. My life has improved dramatically! Thank you so much, Wendy!!!”  Wendy Los Feliz, Ca

Sharon“Wendy has been a life saver for me. I came to her initially to lose weight, but found she could help me with my fibroids and chronic pain that I was told my doctors that I just had to learn to live with as they just labeled it fibromyalgia and could not determine the cause, much less a solution. Useless! Thanks to Wendy, I  know that I DO NOT have to live with pain. She taught me that my pain is being caused by heavy metals, namely copper, and chemicals irritating my nerves. I am on a detox plan to rid my body of these chemicals to rule out that likely cause. Next, she put me on some herbs and coffee enemas. They help so much when my pain gets really bad. She also referred me to a brilliant physical therapist to clear any alignment issues that could be causing the pain. I am functioning so much better and have a much improved quality of life. I am looking forward to continued improvement as I continue her program. I am blown away that my fibroids have shrunk. The doctors only gave me surgery as an option with no information whatsoever that they could be shrunk. Wendy is helping me rid my body of excess estrogen,which makes them grow. Why a doctor never told me this is beyond me. Seems quite simple. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to know that pregnancy is a possibility when they shrink more, when I had been told by my OBGYN that is was not likely due to my fibroids – like there was nothing to be done. What I thought was a quest to lose weight has completely changed my life. I cannot recommend her enough!”  Sharon   San Diego, Ca


Tess‘Wendy helped me lose 40 lbs! She made it seem so easy. Every week she added one or two more things I needed to do. Other the course of six months, I was easily able to slowly incorporate each step into my health routine. Her continuous encouragement kept me motivated. I’ve tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Lindora, you name it. She helped me realize that those starvation diets make you rebound eat when you’re done with the diet. Wendy saw the mistakes I was making in my weight loss efforts and helped me understand what I was doing wrong that was preventing me from losing weight. I could not have done it without her! She developed an eating plan for me of healthy, whole foods that I can continue for the rest of my life – not a temporary diet to just lose weight. I never thought I could ever eat this healthy and love it!’  Tess  Oceanside, Ca

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