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Sugar 101

Today I started a 3 week sugar detox. I am white knuckling it! I’ll admit, it’s hell. But it serves to eliminate a food that is killing myself and our country. Let’s explore the basic facts about sugar. This is the first part in a series about this killer ingredient and how to do a sugar detox. Read more »


Trouble Losing Weight? Balance your Body’s Biochemistry

If diet and exercise are not working for you, there are many reasons that you are over eating or your body is resistant to weight loss. For years, I was missing the following pieces of the puzzle that left me unable to lose weight.  Read more »


Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Food sensitivities affect 75% of the population, having a profound impact on their health and weight. A common scenario is an adult with a food sensitivity to gluten or dairy. Their symptoms are vague (constipation, headache, weight gain) and their exposure is frequent (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so the connection is never made. Over years the hidden sensitivity takes a toll on the immune system. The result of an overworked immune system is everything from weight gain to systemic inflammation, leading to numerous diseases and health conditions.

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Kick your Craving’s Butt!

Many people view cravings as weakness, but they are actually important messages meant to assist you in maintaining balance. You need to look at the foods, deficits and behaviors in your life that are the underlying causes of your cravings.  Read more »


Eat by Listening to Your Body

It is vital to learn to listen to your body to give it the nutrients it requires at every moment of your life. You learn to eat by listening to your body by respecting your cravings, sense of smell, taste, and satisfaction with your food.   Read more »