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#57 Food Sensitivities Make You FAT!

Wendy Myers reveals one of the major issues causing weight gain, not to mention making you sick! Learn the signs, causes, testing and how to do a food elimination diet to determine whether you have food sensitivities. Read more »


We’ve Adapted to Foods not on the Paleo Diet

Correction: Some people have adapted to relatively new foods not on the traditional Paleo Diet. This is where the Modern Paleo Diet comes in. Let’s explore some of the foods that you may be able to eat that are not on the traditional Paleo Diet. Read more »


Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Food sensitivities affect 75% of the population, having a profound impact on their health and weight. A common scenario is an adult with a food sensitivity to gluten or dairy. Their symptoms are vague (constipation, headache, weight gain) and their exposure is frequent (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so the connection is never made. Over years the hidden sensitivity takes a toll on the immune system. The result of an overworked immune system is everything from weight gain to systemic inflammation, leading to numerous diseases and health conditions.

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Gluten Sensitivity Affects 1 in 3

Most people never suspect that the common foods they eat at every meal may be undermining their health or prevent them from losing weight. One out of every three people – 30% of the population – may have gluten sensitivity, also known as gluten intolerance. Read more »