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July 11, 2012


The Juice on Juicing

by Wendy Myers

It’s time to start juicing! Starbucks is even opening a chain of juice bars. Jump on the bandwagon! Juices are one of the best ways to detox from heavy metals and a ton of other chemicals and poisons with no side effects or harmful complications. Thousands of people have healed themselves from cancer and other deadly diseases with this simple, time-honored remedy. Hundreds of scientific studies have been published on the health benefits of fresh raw vegetable juices.

Juice provides all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables in a concentrated form and in large amounts. For example, to make a glass of carrot juice you need a pound of carrots. Nobody can eat a pound of carrots at once, but you can get the nutrition from that pound of carrots by drinking them. On top of that, juicing removes the fiber, which impairs the absorption of many nutrients in the veggies.



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