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June 9, 2013


We’ve Adapted to Foods not on the Paleo Diet

by Wendy Myers

Correction: Some people have adapted to relatively new foods not on the traditional Paleo Diet. This is where the Modern Paleo Diet comes in. Let’s explore some of the foods that you may be able to eat that are not on the traditional Paleo Diet.

Dare I say there really is no such thing as a Paleo diet. The plants and animals aren’t available anymore as the species that were eaten by Paleolithic man. You can merely try to mimic the diet. But humans are in fact thriving and reproducing on the foods currently available. Let me explain why.

A common argument is that we are not adapted to foods like dairy and grains that arrived upon the advent of agriculture about 10,000 years ago. The argument further unravels when we assume that a species isn’t adapted to a food because it’s never consumed it. However, we would not have survived as a species had we not discovered and adapted to new foods. There are plenty of examples where species discover new foods and thrive on them.


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  1. Rick
    Jun 9 2013

    Great article, thanks. May disagree with you about the benefits of potato skins, but we do have individual needs and differences..
    Keep up the good work
    Rick Vincent

    • Jun 9 2013

      Oh no! I didn’t say they were good for you. I said they had saponin that can cause leaky gut – but that these likely break down during digestion and cause no harm. 🙂

  2. Marina Gallas
    Jun 13 2013

    hello wendy,   How are you,  I’ve been sitting for the last half hour thinking about and a little worried about the possibility of getting alzheimers disease due to heavy metals.  I wonder if I really could be genetically predisposed to it..  I hope I’m doing enough to eliminate them from my body.  I’m doing the sauna, drinking fluids, and wheat grass fairly consistently and doing more coffee enemas.    Hope things are fine for you and hope to be in touch with you sometime soon.   Regards,     Marina


    • Jun 13 2013

      That’s the beauty of the nutritional balancing program is that it prevents most diseases by detoxing you from heavy metals. It solves so many problems! You just need to stay on the program until metals stop coming out and your minerals are balanced. I just bought the same sauna you got and am doing it every day. Love it!!! Just keep up the good work!! Get your next hair test soon. I just got certified to do the hair tests!! Very excited!! I look forward to seeing you soon. Just shoot me an email when you’re ready. In the meantime look at It has a whole new look!!!


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