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March 3, 2013

Why is Nutrition So Confusing?

by Wendy Myers

When I first started studying nutrition, I didn’t know what to believe. I would read one theory in nutrition that was proven and then read the exact opposite – that was totally proven. This article serves to help you understand why there is so much conflicting information. 

Should I do Paleo or go vegetarian? What is the best diet to lose weight? What supplements should I take and which brands are best? Low fat used to be the buzzword, but now it’s all about low carb. Don’t use sugar and then don’t use artificial sweeteners. Now fruit has too much sugar to be healthy. It’s enough to make you crazy!

In my years of study, I have fallen victim to a lot of wrong ideas about diet. A lot of information on nutrition is misguided, outdated, and outright lies. Some books I read were merely a pitch for an author’s supplements or biased toward a diet that worked for the author, which will not work for everyone. Many books promoted diets that current research show to be dangerous or unhealthy. With so much wrong information, you need to arm yourself with a little knowledge so you can decipher BS when you read it.



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