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July 7, 2012


Eat by Listening to Your Body

by Wendy Myers

It is vital to learn to listen to your body to give it the nutrients it requires at every moment of your life. You learn to eat by listening to your body by respecting your cravings, sense of smell, taste, and satisfaction with your food.  Repairing your body requires very different nutrients from those it uses for cleansing itself. Animal foods are generally building while plant foods are generally cleansing. You could never guess at any given moment what you need – leave it to your body.

Depending on the functions your body is performing, the season of the year, and the level of stress you are under, your body switches between different types of energy production: using glucose or fats. Only your body knows what it different nutrients it requires for different types of energy production. Only your body knows the amounts of protein, fat, and carbohydrates it needs at any given time.


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  1. Great, informative article. I have dear friend who has some medical issues so her labs are carefully monitored, she was on a down swing when we went on a trip together. While on the trip she said she was craving black licorice constantly. She was eating it all day. She never cared for it before but now she felt obsessed with it. When she got home and had her next lab workup they told her that her prior magnesium levels were far below where they wanted them to be and now this new round of tests showed a healthier range than they had been in a year. Licorice contains high levels of magnesium! Her body was asking for it and she listened-yes intuitive eating at its best !

    • Nov 28 2012

      I have the same experience with chocolate. Before I began magnesium supplementation, I craved chocolate all the time because chocolate is high in magnesium. Now I rarely crave it!


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