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Oceans Alive – The Ultimate Food-Based Multivitamin


Oceans Alive is a premium blend of two specially cultivated, hand-selected marine phytoplankton strains. Marine phytoplankton is a tiny ocean plant and natural power food that feeds nearly all life on Earth in one way or another. It already supplies up to 90% of the air we breathe.

The nutrient density of this microalgae provides you with a wide array of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and amino acids; the building blocks of good health.

Lab-test analysis of Marine Phytoplankton at two Universities in Europe have revealed over 200 different nutritional molecules in Oceans Alive. In fact, it contains every nutrient required by the human body!

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Stop Metaling Around!

Do you know anyone who suffers from headaches, fatigue, insomnia, depression, skin rashes, spaciness or premenstrual syndrome? These can all be symptoms of a copper imbalance. It is an extremely common nutritional imbalance and often overlooked because it is not… Read more »


Synthetic Vs. Food-based Vitamins

There is a big debate out there whether you should be taking natural or synthetic vitamins. Previously, I had written a blog post trying to convince people to avoid synthetic vitamins, but I’ve changed my position on this issue. Read more »


Best Multivitamins

It’s hard to find the right multi-vitamin. It’s even harder to find one that is natural and not synthetic, like 90% of vitamins on the market. Read more »


Natural? Not Even Close!

Ninety percent of vitamins, even ones labeled ‘natural’ or ‘food-based’, you see in commercials (Centrum), at drug store chains, grocery chains, membership club stores (Kirkland brand), vitamin stores, and even Whole Foods are synthetic. Almost all vitamin brands are made by a handful of the largest pharmaceutical companies. They are just in different packaging for marketing purposes.

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