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Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is a condition in which stomach acid flows up the esophagus causing heartburn. Acid reflux that occurs more than twice a week is called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). This is a more serious condition that, left untreated, can lead to problems such as inflammation of the esophagus, scarring, ulceration, inflammation, hemorrhaging, and even esophageal cancer.

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Probiotics – The Foundation of Health

Probiotics have a larger effect on your health than genetics! It’s time to give serious concern to your intestinal flora. Many researchers now believe that declining levels of friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract may actually mark the onset of chronic degenerative disease.

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Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

Food sensitivities affect 75% of the population, having a profound impact on their health and weight. A common scenario is an adult with a food sensitivity to gluten or dairy. Their symptoms are vague (constipation, headache, weight gain) and their exposure is frequent (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), so the connection is never made. Over years the hidden sensitivity takes a toll on the immune system. The result of an overworked immune system is everything from weight gain to systemic inflammation, leading to numerous diseases and health conditions.

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Gluten Sensitivity Affects 1 in 3

Most people never suspect that the common foods they eat at every meal may be undermining their health or prevent them from losing weight. One out of every three people – 30% of the population – may have gluten sensitivity, also known as gluten intolerance. Read more »


Nutritional Balancing with Hair Mineral Analysis

No matter how healthy you eat or take care of yourself, you CANNOT achieve true health unless you purge heavy metals, environmental chemicals, and toxic forms of minerals from your system and replace them with bioavailable minerals.  Read more »


IBS with Diarrhea

IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, with diarrhea does not have one, distinct cause. Symptoms may follow a bad infection or heavy antibiotic use. However, IBS is mainly caused by diet and lifestyle. Read more »


IBS with Constipation

IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, does not have one, distinct cause. Having IBS with constipation gradually weakens the walls of the intestines, leading to a tendency to spasm. Symptoms may follow a bad infection or heavy antibiotic use. However, IBS is mainly caused by diet and lifestyle.  Read more »


Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas are one of the best ways of cleansing the liver, the colon, and speeding up detoxification processes in the body. All toxins must be processed by your liver – a near impossible job in our toxic world. Read more »