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February 8, 2013


Dehydration Causes Pain and Disease

by Wendy Myers

You must drink at least 3 liters of water every day if you plan to be healthy and disease-free. Don’t spend the rest of your life chronically dehydrated, needlessly suffering low energy, cravings, premature aging, pain, headaches and serious illness…

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  1. Rochelle Gance
    Feb 14 2013

    Hi Wendy

    This is Rochelle I am Sharon Rechtman’s sister from australia

    I really enjoy reading your posts.

    With regards to water I was wondering your thoughts on drinking water before and after eating. I went with Sharon to a health retreat and they informed us that you should not drink water 20 mins before or after a meal as it dilutes the gastric juices that aid digestion As I eat regularly every 2-3 hrs I found that I was not drinking as much water as I used to.

    What are your thoughts on that theory? Is it more important to drink water than worry about when you have it?

    Thank you so much Warm regards Rochelle Sent from my iPhone

    • Feb 14 2013

      HI Rochelle!
      So great to hear from you! I’m so happy to like the blog. Like all things in nutrition, there are great arguments for avoiding water around meals and arguments for drinking whenever and not worrying about drinking while eating. It seems logical that you should not dilute gastric acid, but I tend to think that your stomach can handle plenty of water and digest your food just fine. It all depends on the person. I have low stomach acid, due to adrenal fatigue, so I supplement HCL with pepsin to digest my food until the adrenal fatigue clears. And what about when you eat soup? It’s water! This whole avoiding water during meals just doesn’t make sense to me. I need water to wash down my food. Therefore, I don’t worry about it. I tend to go with the expert on this subject, Dr F. Batmangheldj, who wrote the book upon which this blog post was based, Water for Health, for Healing, for Life: You’re not Sick, You’re Thirsty. He studied water for over 20 years. In his expert opinion, he says, “Water should be drunk before meals. The optimum time is 30 minutes before eating. This prepares the digestive tract. WAter should be taken anytime you are thirsty – even during meals. Water should be taken two and a half hours after a meal to complete the process of digestion and correct the dehydration caused by food breakdown.” In other words, drink water all the time! I say, don’t worry about it. Bottoms up!


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