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August 22, 2012


Kick your Craving’s Butt!

by Wendy Myers

Many people view cravings as weakness, but they are actually important messages meant to assist you in maintaining balance. You need to look at the foods, deficits and behaviors in your life that are the underlying causes of your cravings. When you experience a craving, deconstruct it. Ask yourself, what does my body want and why?

Food cravings are a natural part of our relationship with food and can occur during emotional disturbances, hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficient diets or restrictive diets. Many people seek solace in high fat and high sugar foods during times of high stress, depression, loneliness and anxiety. You’ve probably noticed that you feel your strongest food cravings at specific times of the day – or month. So, just what triggers these overpowering desires for certain foods and what can we do to keep the cravings in check?



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