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Do you know your risk for thyroid disease? Take the quiz!


Thyroid disease is one of the most under and misdiagnosed diseases in the world right now. The statistics are grim. Feeling tired, bloated and suffer brain fog and poor memory? You should be looking at your thyroid.  

Over 20 million people could be walking around with this debilitating condition and 60% of them will never know.

Imagine that. Waking up every day with terrible fatigue, gaining weight, losing hair. And it only gets worse. Yet you don’t know what’s causing it. Read More…


Introducing Kristen Ferris – The Newest Mineral Power Coach


Live to 110 is growing! To better serve each of our clients (and reduce wait times for appointments!), we are bringing on more Mineral Power health coaches. The first of which I am pleased to introduce to you today: meet the newest Mineral Power Coach, Kristen Ferris!

Many of you have already had the privilege of taking an HTMA interpretation with Kristen. For those that haven’t, I wanted to take a moment to personally introduce her to the Live to 110 tribe! I am thrilled to have her!

Kristen is a Mineral Power Coach based in Los Angeles, CA. She works closely under the guidance of Live to 110 founder, Wendy Myers

Originally from a small town in Oregon, Kristen attended Portland State University where she studied Biology. She later received her Certificate in Nutritional Balancing Science from The Center for Development at Westbrook University.

Read More…


The Truth About Liver Cleanses


Liver toxicity is unavoidable with the 80,000+ chemicals we are exposed to every day in the air, food and water. It is almost impossible to achieve optimal liver health without regular liver cleansing and daily nutritional liver support.

One of the main ways that the body rids itself of toxins is through the liver. The liver is your body’s built-in filtration and detoxification system. But when it becomes overwhelmed with our toxic body burden and bad food and lifestyle choices, the liver can no longer do its job of detoxing your body and digesting your food.

Ever have a couple dozen tabs or applications open on your computer? Notice how it slows everything down, stalls, and your computer no longer functions at its best? In some extreme cases, the computer will even shut down all together. Well, that is exactly what is happening to your liver when it is stressed and overworked. Read More…


Toxic Metals that Cause Fatigue


Fatigue is the first sign something’s not working properly in your body. And people will turn to coffee. They’ll turn to stimulants. I totally get it. I’ve been there myself. 

But if you are suffering from chronic fatigue, toxic metals may be to blame!

Are you constantly tired, even though you are eating right, doing regular workouts, and getting ample sleep? Well, it might not be not your fault. Metals like arsenic, aluminum, and thallium may be killing your body’s ability to produce energy! Think of them as energy vampires.

Metal toxicity is an ever-growing threat in modern industrialized society.  This toxicity doesn’t just sap your energy; it doesn’t even let you produce energy. That’s right: metals can block energy production in cells. Read More…


Why Running Does Not Get You Healthy


To the vast majority of the population, running long distances is associated with health benefits. But, if we are looking to maximize health while improving capacity in the most effective and efficient way, long distance running may actually be the last thing we should to be doing.

When we exercise, generally we are trying to improve some component of fitness. Running is so closely associated with health that it is nearly synonymous with improvement in the cardiovascular system.  Everyone seems to need to get their “cardio” in. With our busy lives, it seems like choosing an exercise that tackles as many different parameters of fitness would be the most efficient way to improve health.

“Functional training” is one of the most buzz worthy phrases surrounding health and fitness currently. What does it really mean to train functionally, however? Functional training should be considered any movements done for the purpose of increasing the ease of day to day activities or possible demands on the human body. Squats? Sounds like sitting down and standing up. Deadlifts? Seems pretty similar to picking something up off of the floor. Some functional training exercises are even named for things they represent in real life (e.g. “suitcase carry”). Read More…


The Best Water Filter on the Market


Water is essential to life, to detox, to health. This is why it’s imperative to have the right water filter. Short of living near a spring or lugging water bottles around, you need a great water filter in your home. Tap water is full of contaminants. All tap water contains at the very least disinfectants that kill micro-organisms both in the water and in your body. Tap water wipes out virtually all the beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion, for example. Tap water contains fluoride and chloride that interfere in thyroid function. It contains hundreds of medication resides that are not tested for and removed. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Read More…


Busting Pilates Myths: The Lowdown on Pilates Workouts


Many fitness fads come and go, but Pilates has proven its staying power. People looking to find focus and build a strong core, excellent posture, and a balanced, aligned body need look no further. 

A staple on the schedule at health clubs and community centers nationwide, Pilates classes and Pilates-focused studios are a testament to the growth in popularity of this method of exercise. Despite firmly establishing its place in the fitness mainstream, there are some common misconceptions about Pilates. In order to bust those myths, it’s helpful to know how and where Pilates got its start. Read More…


Little Known Causes of Depression


Depression has many underlying causes that are not being adequately addressed by antidepressants. Learn about many causes of depression and how to reverse it naturally with diet, detoxification and other powerful natural remedies.

Depression is the number one cause of disability in the US. It affects 10 million people in the US alone and 340 million people worldwide (1). Depression is a normal emotion. It is a driver to action and change that has survival purposes. It’s only when it is prolonged that it becomes a problem – or when you decide to take antidepressant drugs that could alter your brain chemistry permanently.

Honestly, writing this article on depression got me a little depressed. My father was depressed as long as I knew him. And so was his mom (my gramgrams). She even underwent shock ‘therapy’ and suffered from alcoholism. I spent well over a decade struggling with depression myself. I had always assumed my depression had an inherited component. I now know differently. Read More…


Reverse Diabetes Naturally


You can reverse type 2 diabetes and will learn how in this article. Many don’t realize that diabetes is caused in part by mineral deficiencies and heavy metal and chemical toxicities. I want to discuss some of these little known causes of diabetes.

Diabetes has grown to epidemic proportions and the latest statistics revealed by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that 29.1 million Americans have diabetes, or 9.3% of the population.

Twenty-five percent of the population is pre-diabetic, but they don’t know it. Research from the ADA shows that 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes, which is 25% of the US population! You need to be checking your blood sugar with a glucometer! You have a 1 in 4 chance of becoming a statistic.

But there’s good news! In this article I will go over the exact steps you need to take to reverse type 2 diabetes naturally and improve type 1 diabetes. It can be done by eating the right diet, adopting better lifestyle habits, taking the right supplements and balancing your body chemistry so that you can reverse and prevent diabetes. Read More…


Tips To Boost Your Immunity


ee how to boost your immunity in ten easy steps and avoid the top things that endanger your immunity.

Top Ten Immune Boosters

  1. Fresh animal fats (from meat and dairy) and cholesterol-rich foods (particularly raw or runny egg yolks).
  2. Cold-pressed oils: olive oil, fish oils, nut, and seed oils.
  3. Onions and garlic.
  4. Freshly pressed vegetable and fruit juices.
  5. Regular consumption of greens: parsley, dill, coriander, kale, spinach, lettuce, etc.
  6. Probiotic supplementation and fermented foods. For more information, read my article Probiotics–The Foundation of Health.

Read More…