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#143 Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism with Sara Vance


A passionate advocate for nutrition and health – Sara Vance was overweight as a child and suffered a long list of health complaints for decades. She finally found the answers right at the end of her fork.

A nutritionist, author of The Perfect Metabolism Plan, and Host of The Metabolism Summit, Sara has contributed articles and healthy recipes to MindBodyGreen, Beaming and Livestrong. She has appeared on eHow, Fox 5 San Diego, and San Diego Living. She is also a powerfully motivating speaker. Find more information about Sara and her programs at

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#151 Can ZYTO and Cyberscan Technologies Reveal Your Supplement Needs? with Susan Luschas


Susan Luschas discusses ZYTO and Cyberscan technologies, which identify health conditions, help you customize your supplement protocol and heal your body using quantum medicine.

Tune in to the podcast to learn:

  • What exactly are ZYTO and Cyberscan technologies?
  • How ZYTO and Cyberscan can detect and heal your health conditions
  • How they can help you develop a custom supplement protocol
  • Quantum healing

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#207 Beyond Adrenal Fatigue with Ari Whitten


Ari Whitten talks to us this week calling into question the existence of adrenal fatigue and his theories behind fatigue.  Tired? You MUST tune in!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How the science calls into question the existence of adrenal fatigue
  • The actual cause of fatigue
  • How ‘adrenal fatigue’ and chronic fatigue share the exact same symptoms
  • How to shock your body into increasing the number of your mitochondria
  • Ari’s program for increasing energy

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#205 Banish the Bloat with Dr. Ken Brown


Dr. Ken Brown talks to us this week about the underlying causes of IBS that may surprise you.  And a revolutionary approach to resolving this treatment resistant condition.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What is causing your bloating and how to resolve it – for good
  • The specific bacteria that cause bloating and gas
  • How 4 out of 5 people are helped with Atrantil

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Introducing Kristen Ferris – The Newest Mineral Power Coach


Live to 110 is growing! To better serve each of our clients (and reduce wait times for appointments!), we are bringing on more Mineral Power health coaches. The first of which I am pleased to introduce to you today: meet the newest Mineral Power Coach, Kristen Ferris!

Many of you have already had the privilege of taking an HTMA interpretation with Kristen. For those that haven’t, I wanted to take a moment to personally introduce her to the Live to 110 tribe! I am thrilled to have her!

Kristen is a Mineral Power Coach based in Los Angeles, CA. She works closely under the guidance of Live to 110 founder, Wendy Myers

Originally from a small town in Oregon, Kristen attended Portland State University where she studied Biology. She later received her Certificate in Nutritional Balancing Science from The Center for Development at Westbrook University.

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Top 4 Natural Cancer Therapies


Cancer treatment today is an abomination. It leaves the patient with more toxicity, increasing the chances of relapse, even if they are lucky enough to survive chemo and radiation. There are very effective natural treatments that do not destroy the health of the patient and heal the disease. These are in my opinion the top 4 natural alternative cancer treatments that one should consider if they receive a cancer diagnosis. 

Cancer is one of the most important diseases of this century, and one that wastes millions of lives.  Close to one of every two Americans will be diagnosed with it, and the cancer rates are similar around the world.  Many others die as a result of a hidden cancer that causes another problem such as a ruptured artery or a stroke.

For these reasons, cancer evokes terrible fear today, probably more than most other illnesses.  Yet I have seen full recoveries from cancer, even advanced cases.  This statement is based on over 33 years of assisting over 50,000 people with their health.

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Fats Only Make Your Brain Fat


One of the biggest concerns many have about the Paleo diet is that it contains a lot of fats – specifically saturated fats and cholesterol in meat. A common misconception is that saturated and other fats are unhealthy or cause weight gain. Let’s banish this lie from your head right now!

Lenin said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Low-fat diets have been touted by our government and the American Medical Association for decades. No doubt about it – a low-fat diet is deadly. Many have been dutifully eating a low-fat diet for decades and taking cholesterol-lowering medication, yet still end up dropping dead of heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Half of men, ages to 65 to 74, and 39% of women, ages 75 and older are on statins. (1) Our health as a nation is in the gutter because we’re not eating enough healthy fats. Read More…


Little Known Causes of Depression


Depression has many underlying causes that are not being adequately addressed by antidepressants. Learn about many causes of depression and how to reverse it naturally with diet, detoxification and other powerful natural remedies.

Depression is the number one cause of disability in the US. It affects 10 million people in the US alone and 340 million people worldwide (1). Depression is a normal emotion. It is a driver to action and change that has survival purposes. It’s only when it is prolonged that it becomes a problem – or when you decide to take antidepressant drugs that could alter your brain chemistry permanently.

Honestly, writing this article on depression got me a little depressed. My father was depressed as long as I knew him. And so was his mom (my gramgrams). She even underwent shock ‘therapy’ and suffered from alcoholism. I spent well over a decade struggling with depression myself. I had always assumed my depression had an inherited component. I now know differently. Read More…


Sardines Are The Safest Fish On The Planet


Holy cow! I mean fish! Due to the high mercury levels in most fish, the savvy Modern Paleo dieter should pass on mercury-toxic larger fish and eat low mercury sardines! Hands down, sardines are the safest fish on the planet.

With growing concern over the health of the seas, people are turning to sardines for the essential nutrients found in fish. Sardines are at the bottom of the aquatic food chain, feeding solely on plankton. As a result, they do not concentrate as much heavy metals like mercury and other contaminants found in most fish. Why not? They don’t live long enough to accumulate too much mercury. They live as long as 14 years of age, but about 90 percent of the population is under 6 years old.

Labeling laws are not standardized in America and many other regions regarding small canned fish. More than 20 varieties of fish are sold as sardines around the world, including herring (Americas), pilcards (Mediterranean), brisling (Norway), sprat (New Zealand, Australia, Europe) and Iwashi (Japan). Sardines are abundant in the seas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean with Spain, Portugal, France, and Norway being the leading producers of canned sardines. Read More…


Is Too Much Fruit Unhealthy?


Your fructose consumption should be kept at 15 to 25 grams per day. No more than this! Fruit is not as healthy as many are lead to believe. This begs the question, “Is too Much Fruit Unhealthy?”It is best for your body if you split your fruit intake into smaller portions of 3-8 grams per meal or as a snack. Don’t know how much this is? There are charts online that tell you the grams of fructose are in fruit. One of my favorites is posted by Family Wellness HQ. For example, 100 grams of apple (about 31/2 ounces) contains 5.9 grams of fructose.

Enjoying a few small organic apples in your day is entirely within bounds. But 100 grams of dried medjool dates has 39.5 grams of fructose, so getting used to correct portion size of fruit is essential for health. Buy a small food scale and weigh your fruit. You will find that a large bowl of yummy strawberries has the same amount of fructose as 2 dried dates! And, of course, get rid of all “hidden” fructose like high fructose corn syrup in processed foods and soft drinks.

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