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August 3, 2017

Why Running Does Not Get You Healthy

by Wendy Myers


To the vast majority of the population, running long distances is associated with health benefits. But, if we are looking to maximize health while improving capacity in the most effective and efficient way, long distance running may actually be the last thing we should to be doing.

When we exercise, generally we are trying to improve some component of fitness. Running is so closely associated with health that it is nearly synonymous with improvement in the cardiovascular system.  Everyone seems to need to get their “cardio” in. With our busy lives, it seems like choosing an exercise that tackles as many different parameters of fitness would be the most efficient way to improve health.

“Functional training” is one of the most buzz worthy phrases surrounding health and fitness currently. What does it really mean to train functionally, however? Functional training should be considered any movements done for the purpose of increasing the ease of day to day activities or possible demands on the human body. Squats? Sounds like sitting down and standing up. Deadlifts? Seems pretty similar to picking something up off of the floor. Some functional training exercises are even named for things they represent in real life (e.g. “suitcase carry”). Read More…

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