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August 2, 2017

Saturated Fat: VINDICATED!

by Wendy Myers


In a recent issue of the British Medicine Journal, Aseem Malhotra, a Cardiology Specialist at Craydon University Hospital London, wrote an article entitled, “Saturated fat is not the Major issue.” The first line is, “Let’s bust the myth of its role in heart disease.”

The demonization of saturated fats started in the 1970’s with the publication of the study ‘Coronary Heart Disease in Seven Countries’. (8)  This study looked at 11,579 men ages 49-59 without evidence of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The study showed .05% (618) deaths from heart attacks, 19%(2289) died in 15 years from all causes. The Seven Countries study was an epidemiological prospective investigation of groups in different geographical areas. This study did not follow individuals. (8)

They tracked age, blood pressure, smoking, cholesterol, physical activity and weight. The only common risk factor for heart disease among the seven countries was relative body weight. Yet this study set the ground rules for the relative risk factors for cholesterol levels and heart attack risk when it was not a major risk factor in all seven countries. (1)

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