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July 17, 2017

Think Beans And Legumes Are Good For You? Think Again!

by Wendy Myers


Advocates of the Paleo diet advise to avoid legumes on the basis that ancient man did not consume them. But this is not accurate. The main issue with beans is they are not as nutritious as many are led to believe.

Eating a few servings a week of legumes is great if you tolerate them. They are a great source of magnesium. However, legumes do present certain issues that I discuss in this article. Furthermore, legumes are not as nutritious as many sites would have you believe. But I still think they are part of a Modern Paleo diet.

The main reason to take is easy on legumes is because they’re not very nutrient dense, and if you eat a lot of legumes and they replace more nutrient-dense foods (like meat), you’re not going to be maximizing nutrient density. Many of the nutrition labels you read on beans are from raw beans. They look far better on a label raw than cooked.

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