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July 13, 2017

Potatoes And Spuds Are SO Paleo

by Wendy Myers


Ancient man ate a lot of baked potatoes. Strict Paleo diets exclude potatoes, claiming that the saponins they contain make them unfit for human consumption. Given the scientific evidence, this is complete nonsense. Potatoes and tubers have provided an important source of energy for many millennia.

I’ve been avoiding potatoes for years because of the low-carb craze and misguided Paleo advice! Research shows that starches like potatoes and tubers were a staple in the diet of Paleolithic man and they should be a staple in your diet, too. Today, most people tolerate potatoes quite well and I see no reason to exclude them from the diet. Rediscover and relish potatoes.

Research on the diets of early man proves to us that they were eating tubers, roots, rhizomes and corms – foods similar to our modern potatoes and tubers. Researchers not only found evidence to prove this by testing bones and observing the structure of their teeth, but they have found digging sticks – to dig up those tasty little tubers. (6)

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