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May 31, 2017

Present Day Problems In Our Food Supply

by Wendy Myers


While the Paleo diet is a good foundation upon which to base your diet, variations in the diet must be made to accommodate the problems in our food supply and toxic modern world. Many foods that were once healthy in Paleo times are healthy no more. This is an important aspect of The Modern Paleo Diet.

Our diet must consider and account for changes in our environment due to contamination from industrial manufacturing, genetically modified foods, parasites, hybridization (breeding practices) of foods and many other issues. These problems did not exist during caveman times, but must be accounted for today.

Sadly, many healthy foods that nourished our ancestors are no longer healthy today. Fruit is bred to have too much sugar. Pork is full of parasites. Shellfish and most fish are so contaminated with heavy metals. Let’s explore which foods should be avoided or enjoyed in moderation due to modern problems in our food supply.

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