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May 16, 2017

Iron Toxicity

by Wendy Myers


We all know that iron is an essential mineral for growth, development, and long-term survival. However, iron toxicity is the stealth threat facing every man and postmenopausal woman. It can lead to an array of life-threatening conditions like diabetes, heart disease, cognitive decline, thyroid trouble, liver failure and cancer. Learn how to detox it by reading more below!

The Danger of Iron Accumulation

It absolutely astounds me that more doctors aren’t giving iron overload the attention it deserves, including many holistic practitioners. You could even be doing everything right for your health and be at high risk for this health-wrecking threat known as iron toxicity.

Iron toxicity is extremely dangerous, not only because of the long list of harmful effects it can have on your health – including death – but also because it is so commonly overlooked. And it targets every single man and postmenopausal woman.

The alarming, and even deadly, effects that toxic iron levels have on human health can be broken down into three primary categories. From these, all conditions subsequently stem (5):

  • Deposits in body organs and tissues including the heart, brain, liver, pancreas, and joints
  • Displaces vital nutrients
  • Causes psychological effects

Iron builds up in the body quite easily because it is so important for survival. It transports oxygen to the body’s tissues via hemoglobin. So, when exposed to iron, most commonly in enriched flour and water, the body preferentially retains it and stores it in the body. Read more

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