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April 30, 2017

Samina Sleep System – The Bed I Recommend

by Wendy Myers

samina bed

For years I have been searching for the most non-toxic healthiest bed on the earth. Many people are sleeping on toxic mattresses doused in flame retardants, formaldehyde and mold. It’s no wonder they wake up exhausted!My friend Dave Asprey sleeps on a Samina bed. I had been avoiding making the investment, hoping I could find something great on a budget. So I tried various alternatives like organic memory foam, but I wasn’t happy with it. It made me sleep really hot and would wake up a lot at night. I gave it to a friend.

I tried an organic mattress, but found out that while many fabrics and bedding were organic, it was still made metal springs, which affect my body’s electrical field and it still contained unnatural materials that contained chemicals. I wasted a lot of money.

It’s incredibly important to detox your bed (and your sheets and pillows for that matter). You spend 8 hours a day in your bed – 1/3 of your life. And you don’t want to spend that time breathing in toxic fumes found in almost all mattresses. Or sleeping on a metal frame that is distorting your cell’s energy fields and screwing up how your cells function (aka your body). Let me not forget, the estrogenic chemicals in a typical mattress make you fat. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but this is the truth.

Breathe in Toxins 1/3 of your Life? I’ll Pass

The place where you spend one-third of your life is chock-full of synthetic materials, some incredibly toxic. Since the mid- to late ’60s, most mattresses have been made of polyurethane foam, a petroleum-based material that emits volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation.

Formaldehyde, which is used to make one of the adhesives that hold mattresses together, has been linked to asthma, allergies, and lung, nose, and throat cancers.

And then there are cotton pesticides and flame-retardant chemicals, which can cause cancer and nervous-system disorders.

Some memory-foam models have been found to emit 61 chemicals, including the carcinogens benzene and naphthalene. Hm, maybe that’s why the one I bought smelled like chemicals for the 10 years that I owned it.

The long-term health effects that may occur after prolonged exposure to VOC’s found in adhesive and glue solvents include cancers, damage to the heart, liver, central nervous system and kidneys. Not worth it in my opinion. Read More

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