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April 19, 2017

Recipe: Herb Encrusted Pork Tenderloin

by Wendy Myers


Pork tenderloin is flavorful, tender and easy to prepare. It accommodates different flavor profiles and side dishes. It transforms into lovely, deceptively fancy-looking medallions. We’re going to make a seared, savory tenderloin!

First of all, acquire some amount of pork tenderloin. Tenderloins come in various sizes, of course – most likely you’ll find them in the pound-and-a-quarter range; a tenderloin of this size will provide a round of porky deliciousness to three reasonably hungry adults if you pair it with some other stuff, especially if that stuff is edible and not a fistful of dryer lint. Then again, it will leave no leftovers for those adults, which might be a problem, since it’s going to taste very good. What I am trying to say here is that you might want two tenderloins if you’re feeding more than two people. Decide for yourself.

If you can, do yourself a favor and see about finding tenderloin from pigs that were raised humanely and fed well. If the ethical, humane reasons to do this don’t move you, please do trust that the difference in flavor certainly will. The industrial meat-production methods that we all kinda know are monstrously cruel to the animals we eat also happen to be ruinous to the flavor and quality of the meat we get from them. It’s worth paying a few extra bucks to get pork from an animal that had a decent life; even if you don’t particularly care how the animal lived, surely you can be moved to care how it tastes.

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