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November 24, 2014


Holiday Survival Guide

by Wendy Myers

Worried about staying healthy over the holidays or how to avoid gaining some holiday pounds? Not to fear! You can enjoy your holidays, maintain your weight and stay healthy. Here’s your holiday survival guide!


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  1. Marina Gallas
    Nov 26 2014

    hi wendy, thank you for this holiday survival guide.  I do hope I don’t gain any weight during holiday season.  I plan to walk nearly every day and get plenty of regular exercise.  I found the Thanksgiving workout on yahoo that’s just 20 minutes,  I don’t know if it’s for me just yet, but maybe i’ll try it. I also found a simple idea for an elixir like water infused with orange and lemon, should I overindulge a bit.  I don’t want to feel so guilty about enjoying a feast and then kick myself afterward, since that might be as bad or worse than eating bad food.  I don’t want that as a distasteful side dish. the main thing seems to be to eat until i’m satisfied and fulfilled and not feel like i’m missing out on the good tasting fare.  any way, have a happy thanksgiving. love



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