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June 15, 2014



by Wendy Myers

Dr. Kim Millman talks to Wendy this week about how to detect calcium and how to stop osteoporosis dead in its tracks. She is a Stanford trained doctor with an exciting new program called…button

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  1. Shelley
    Jun 25 2014

    What are your thoughts on “Prolia” or “Reclast” yearly infusion?

    • Jun 26 2014

      It’s not something I would do. If you listen to the podcast she talks about how bone building medications don’t work and can even lead to weak bones. You need to flood your body with calcium, magnesium, etc. Calcium and other minerals must be taken in large amounts for years to rebuild bone. I take MCHC and calcium/magnesium every day with every meal and then more before bedtime.

      • Shelley
        Jun 26 2014

        Yes, I’m trying mega doses, trying to persevere, but it’s not that easy to recover the bone & muscle mass and my bone density for my age is not improving.
        The MD’s making me neurotic, because they fear, I will break a hip! 😦
        I read all the side effects of both those heavy duty meds.. and don’t want to take them!

        I will look into MCHC.

        • Jun 26 2014

          You don’t have to take meds. The docs don’t know any other way to reverse it except with meds. Know that it will take years to reverse bone loss. You must take TONS of minerals. I’m happy to talk with you about it. Call me!

          • Shelley
            Jul 24 2014

            Apparently the calcium I’m taking is not being absorbed and I’m peeing it out! I would like to try MCHC. Do you sell it? The calcium horse pills I have now, make me gag, but would persevere, before the Osteo MD wants me on the 6 monthly Prolia shot.

          • Jul 24 2014

            Yes i do sell it! This is the one I take! You also have to be sure to eat 50% of your fats as saturated and eat bone broth for collagen. You need a healthy collagen matrix to capture and retain all those minerals you’re taking. That means you should eat red meat, eggs, etc.

          • Shelley
            Jul 24 2014

            Oy, not gonna be that easy for me. I don’t really eat red meat, very occasionally I will have lamb.
            I take collagen pills and do have cheese & eggs. I will go to the site, tomorrow and order.
            Exhausted and have an early am. Sweet Dreams!

          • Jul 24 2014

            I suggest you try to eat lamb or a burger once a week. Dairy is a great source of saturated fat. So, eat butter, cheese and milk. I would skip the collagen pills. Nothing like a whole food source. Just drink bone broth!

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