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March 24, 2014


Don’t Skip a Beat!

by Wendy Myers

An arrhythmia is a disorder of the heart rate (pulse) or heart rhythm, such as beating too fast (tachycardia), too slow (bradycardia), or irregularly. One of the most common is abnormally slow heartbeats, a condition known as bradycardia. For most people, a normal resting heart rate is considered to be between 60 to 100 beats a minute; anything less than this may be considered bradycardia.

A slow heart rate is perfectly normal, and even a sign of good physical fitness. Healthy young adults and athletes often have resting heart rates of less than 60 beats per minute. This occurs because high-intensity training makes the heart muscle very powerful, able to pump more blood with each contraction, making fewer contractions necessary.



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  1. RickVincent
    Mar 25 2014


    Excellent article! Looking forward to your book…

    Rick Vincent


    • Mar 26 2014

      I am too!! It may be awhile! Whew! it’s a bear writing a book!


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