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August 2, 2012


Healthy Vegetarianism

by Wendy Myers

The vegetarian diet can be healthy, but vegetarians or people contemplating the diet need to educate themselves about nutrition and make sure they get enough animal protein (eggs and dairy) every day. Without animal protein, they can suffer nutritional deficiencies evidenced in subtle physical manifestations that, over time, can lead to major health problems. I do not advise people to eat a vegetarian diet, though I think some people can be perfectly healthy not eating meat.

Many vegetarians may not be happy with a few statements in this article. I’ve found that vegetarians are very passionate and can be defensive about their diet, as I was when I became a vegetarian. Please try to have an open mind and be open to the possibility that there is information you may not be aware of about vegetarianism. I used to be a vegetarian, and then ‘graduated’ to veganism. I was a vegetarian for all the usual reasons: I didn’t want to hurt animals, save the planet, etc. My health seemed okay on the vegetarian diet, but began to deteriorate quickly when I became vegan. However, when my health was at stake, the above issues began to pale in comparison. I hated to eat animals, but my health was a higher priority. My deteriorating health spurned a deeper look into whether the vegetarian and vegan diets are really healthy.



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  1. Sep 27 2012

    Yes, meat production does have an environmental impact, but grass fed meat helps the environment. When the cows poop, they stomp it into the ground where it nitrogenizes the soil and feeds the grass, rather than polluting the environment. I used to be a diehard vegetarian and then vegan. I just don’t buy the arguments for these diets – nutritionally, environmentally, or politically. However, i absolutely think that factory farming is very bad for the environment and needs to be stopped. Sustainable methods must increase, which will happen if people choose responsibly farmed meats.


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