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July 14, 2012

IBS with Diarrhea

by Wendy Myers

IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, with diarrhea does not have one, distinct cause. Symptoms may follow a bad infection or heavy antibiotic use. However, IBS is mainly caused by diet and lifestyle. The diet that leads to this type of bowel pattern produces deficiencies in minerals, which further exacerbate the problem. Having IBS with diarrhea gradually weakens the walls of the intestines, leading to a tendency to spasm. Individuals with IBS are a subset of the population particularly sensitive to muscle contractions in their colon and feel them more painfully than people without IBS.

One of the main causes of IBS with diarrhea is abnormal gut flora. In fact, the health of your bowel ecosystem is the key to the health of your whole body. When you don’t have enough beneficial bacteria in your colon, bad bacteria and fungus proliferate, contributing to digestive problems. The good bacteria in our bowels thrive on fat and are poisoned by simple sugars. Bad bacteria are fed primarily with flour and sugar. Eliminating these items from the diet will go a long way in healing your IBS. You must also replenish your colony of beneficial bacteria by taking probiotics and eating fermented foods, which contain trillions of good bacteria. For more information, read my blog post Probiotics–The Foundation of Health. An amazing book to read on this subject is Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Campbell-McBride. This book will change your life.



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