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July 10, 2012


No Need to Break the Bank!

by Wendy Myers

Do you want to eat healthy food, but worry that doing so might be a privilege available only to the rich? The average American spends $6,300 per year on food.  If you’re like me, you’d like to SAVE money, and the thought of spending more in order to eat healthy food is hard to stomach.You can enjoy nutritious and delicious food, without spending a fortune!

Top 10 Tips for Healthy and Affordable Food 

1) Go with homemade.  Americans today spend 49% of their food budget on eating out at restaurants.  When you make it yourself, you know what’s in it – and you can save a lot of money, too.

2) Use bulk bins. Buying beans, whole grains, and other non-perishables from bulk bins will save you an average of 56% over buying the same items pre-packaged.

3) Cook in quantity.  Whether you live alone or are part of a big family, making big sauces, pots of soup, casseroles and other meals saves time in the long run.  You can freeze extras for convenient instant meals, or create meal-sharing arrangements with friends or co-workers.


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  1. Jul 10 2012

    Great tips. The fact is that Americans spend a smaller % of their income on food than almost anywhere else. If we’d outgrow the idea of cheap food, we’d be healthier.


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